Any industrial customers operating within Alberta are eligible for IPCAA membership. Annual membership fees range from $5,000 to $50,000 and are based on the underlying gross load level of the member company.

Reasons to Join

Sound Investment

The annual cost savings gained by an individual industrial consumer from IPCAA's efforts is in the order of tens of thousands of dollars. Your membership fee will pay dividends in regulatory, policy and market savings.

Information Clearinghouse

Members have access to a team of consultants, symposium and workshops, monthly newsletter subscription and a network of industrial load market participants interested in cost savings, best practices and efficiency.

Strength in Numbers

IPCAA members enjoy the leverage gained through the pooled resources of the association. IPCAA enables regulatory interventions at a fraction of the legal and consulting costs that would have incurred if an individual consumer made such an effort.

Established Heritage

IPCAA's advocacy represents the unified voice of industrial consumers. We have established heritage, reputation and relationships with key electricity sector entities. As a result, advocacy efforts through IPCAA offer greater efficiency than individual efforts.