The Industrial Power Consumers Association of Alberta (IPCAA) is a membership based organization. Our members are involved in oil sands development, oil and gas exploration and development, oil and gas pipeline transportation, forest products and pulp and paper production, steel and petrochemical manufacturing, and other key Alberta industries.


IPCAA was first formed in 1983 as a society representing Alberta's large industrial electricity customers. We act through stakeholder consultations, participation in regulatory hearings and government advocacy. We advocate from a consumer-centered perspective. Alberta industrials are the backbone of the Provincial economy and the driving force behind the increasing need for electricity generation and transmission. As such, the electricity policy and development need to be structured towards enabling the growth and sustainability of Alberta industrial consumers.


Our mandate is to ensure the positive development of the electricity in Alberta by taking a leadership role in advocating for a fair, open and efficient marketplace for electricity sales and services in Alberta. We operate through strategic planning processes, an educated and informed membership, active lobbying with other industry stakeholders before the Pronvincial Government, as well as through extensive and comprehensive interventions in relevant regulatory proceedings in front of the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC).